The Stages of Waste Disposal

There are materials that are constantly produced and disposed off into the environment and their main impact is usually hazardous. In simple terms, they lead to pollution. In order to come up with the solution, there is the implementation of the modern waste management into the government system of most countries.


The main purpose of modern waste management is therefore to ensure that all the solid wastes are treated in the correct manner in order to be friendly to some extent to all its surroundings.

The structure

Modern waste management is carefully structured to ensure that all its objectives are met in an orderly manner. In addition, it is considered as a means of monitoring the steps that are undertaken to ensure that waste is not directly disposed off. This therefore led to the introduction of the waste hierarchy that acted as the core binder of the whole procedure.

One of the benefits of the waste hierarchy is to ensure that all the types of waste are treated in the correct manner before resorting to the incineration stage.

In order to fully understand issues that relate to the modern waste management, it is important to understand the stages of the waste hierarchy right from the moment when the waste is produced.


  • Prevention stage

This is the most vital stage of the modern waste management hierarchy. In as much as waste is produced, it is always wise to control the amounts that are usually released into the environment. We have to come up with procedures that minimize the amounts that are released by ensuring that resources are utilized in the correct manner.

  • Reuse

This is an important stage in the management process since it involves the collection of already used materials and using them for the same purpose. Some of the techniques that are usually applied in this stage involve cleaning and repairing the item or replacement using spare parts.

  • Recycling

This is where waste is sorted and some of the items are re manufactured to be utilized for the same purpose or for other functions. It is basically coming up with new products from raw materials that were initially utilized. It is therefore a procedure that involves maximizing the already used materials.

  • Recovering

Here there is composition of either materials or energy so that they can be utilized in certain ways. It is an important stage that ensures that waste is managed in a positive manner.

  • Disposal

It is referred to as the last resort. Here the waste is either incinerated or dumped without expecting any benefit to arise from the procedure. It is considered as a modern waste management procedure if the waste is deposited in the appropriate manner.

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