Exercises Which Tighten the Vagina

Time is the leading factor when it comes to a loosening vagina. The fact is the childbirth process can lead to a loose vagina. This is especially true if there are no breaks between children. There are women who get children following each other with every year. When there is no break, the vagina has a hard time snapping back into its usual form. The pelvic floor muscle is what needs to stay strong to keep the vaginal muscles tight. Without proper exercise, this muscle grows weak. This leads to the vagina loosening, as it is happy to stretch out its walls if the pelvic floor muscle allows it. There are steps to take in order to improve how tight the vagina is, they are:

  • Doing slow pull-ups daily – To do these, you may stand or sit. You may also lie on your back with your knees held apart slightly. Concentrate on keeping your pelvic floor muscles tight. They’re located under the bladder, and you use them when you’re going to the bathroom. Hold them tight and count to five, relax them then repeat the process for at least five minutes or more. What this does is tighten your pelvic floor-muscle, and allows it to keep your vaginal walls tight.
  • Do fast pull-ups to increase the speed with which you tighten your pelvic floor-muscles. It is important to remember that while doing this exercises you’re not concentrating on your abdomen, back, thighs or buttocks. You want to concentrate on the pelvic floor-muscles. Repeat these fast pull-ups, doing ten repetitions for at least five minutes or more. Both fast pull-ups and slow pull-ups are a form of kegel exercises and are meant to tighten your peeing muscles to improve continence as well as tighten vagina walls.
  • Do more squats in your exercise regime. They are a great way of tightening up vagina walls. When you stand with your feet shoulder-wide, tuck your hips in, and then bend your knees. Do the squats in sets of repetitions. Adding hand weights makes the squat more refined and you do more work.
  • Leg raises are also a way to increase the tightness of vagina walls. This includes lifting the legs up to the air. Keep the legs straight when raising them and alternate the legs. This helps to keep muscles surrounding the vagina tight while contributing to firm buttocks and stronger leg muscles.
  • Keep exercising because this helps your muscles to tighten. For example, women who ride horses have stronger pelvic-floor muscles. This is because the action of staying on the horse without falling keeps them using their thigh, and hip muscles, making the pelvic-floor muscles stronger. An active woman has more tighter vaginal walls, than one who doesn’t exercise as much.

Additionally there are other solutions like vaginal rejuvenation gel or plastic surgery, while the last one might be a bit expensive the gels are affordable and get good results. Below is a short video about the surgery.